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Kasthall’s design studio turned to nature for inspiration for the new Field rug, now being launched in five colors.
Kasthall’s design studio turned to nature for inspiration for the new Field rug, now being launched in five colors.

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For the 2017 collection, Kasthall’s design studio has put particular emphasis on future development with the company’s design legacy as its point of departure. The theme of the 2017 collection is Arrival of Origin and during the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2017 Kasthall will be launching the first rugs of the new collection. Kasthall combines LOOP-technology with a new three-dimensional technique for tufting, using the best of traditional craftsmanship. Showcasing the new technology are the first two releases of the collection – the hand-tufted Field and Madison rugs.

Since the start in 1889, Kasthall has been an innovative design company that creates trends rather than following them. The idea behind this year’s collection is to highlight Kasthall’s design origins as well as its ability to look ahead and develop new crafting techniques. Kasthall has been developing the LOOP technique for some years now, making a more three-dimensional expression in tufted rugs possible in the 2017 collection. In this collection, Kasthall experiments with creating patterns by applying different heights of bouclé, showcased in the two new releases: the Field and Madison rugs. The surface in the higher bouclé adds a new expression, creating shadows that subtly enhance the three-dimensional look and feel. The rugs are framed with a cut edge, adding a stylish and playful touch.

Prior to the color selection, Kasthall looked into its existing color archive of weaving yarn consisting of 116 different shades of color. Weaving yarn is thicker than traditional tuft yarn and gives a more robust impression. The color choices for the 2107 collection were inspired by pure material such as paper, clay and chalk. The Field collection blends Paris Blue, Rouge, Almond, Porcelain Pink and Blond.

“I am very pleased that we have brought design together with new technology  and production in our 2017 collection. We have a future-forward approach, using up-to-the-minute designs that are classic and timeless at the same time. And we use pure materials, like the wool we use every day. The entire collection is born of equal parts passion and respect for Kasthall and the company’s design “legacy and the desire to create new expressions,” said design director Lena Jiseborn.

Kasthall’s CEO, wants to take inspiration from new sectors, both in art and fashion.

This is our first collection based on Kasthall’s new strategy  with an increased focus on design and innovation. We are a global design company with products that works for both private homes and public spaces. To maintain this position we must continually challenge and develop our products, which is our main core. I am very proud of the work that the design studio has developed, led by Lena, the result is striking. This year’s collection is both modern, have a clear target and challenges global trends. First up from our 2017 news is Field and Madison, two rugs with an elegance and modern look that will create a beautiful setting in any room,”said Eva Boding, CEO Kasthall. 

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Kasthall has been designing and manufacturing unique woven and hand-tufted rugs since 1889. Our own factory is located since in Kinna, amid the traditional textile area in western Sweden, where the production still occurs. Over the years, Kasthall has become one of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of carpets, and is now represented in 30 countries with a showroom in Stockholm, Milan and New York. Part of the secret is that we own our own production and thus control the entire manufacturing process. Another is our consistent focus on design and development.

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Made in Sweden. Designed for the world since 1889.

The venerable design brand Kasthall was established in 1889 in Kinna, west of Sweden. Kasthall has become one of the leading rug and textile flooring companies in the world and are represented in 30 countries with showrooms in Stockholm, Malmö, Milan and New York. Despite Kasthall’s global market presence, all production is carried out at the factory in Kinna where the Kasthall Design Studio also is located. That, together with design collaborations worldwide, gives us the opportunity to create unique rugs for the global interior world. Kasthall offers invaluable craftsmanship with focus on sustainability for both private and public spaces. Kasthall is a purveyor to the Royal Court of Sweden.

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