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The second part of the Collective Impressions collection is launching now – new takes on Feather, Doris and String.
The second part of the Collective Impressions collection is launching now – new takes on Feather, Doris and String.

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Kasthall’s rugs have been bringing character to rooms and settings for over 130 years. They have been developed along the way by Kasthall Design Studio, which has created iconic rugs that are passed down from one generation to the next. First out were the rugs Påfågel, Kate and Naomi. The second part of the collection is launching now – new takes on Feather, Doris and String in the Collective Impressions collection. The collection is now available for purchase at the Kasthall Flagship Store & Showroom.

“We never stop looking forward but knowing where to go requires an understanding of our origins. That’s why we’re considering our history and reflecting on the future this year. We’ve been inspired to seek out and explore who we are and who we’ve been throughout the ages. We have a responsibility for the future and we’re taking a sustainable and balanced approach to developing new products and creating tomorrow’s classics”, says Lena Jiseborn, Design Director.

FEATHER Feather is a tufted wool and linen rug designed by Kasthall Design Studio and Ellinor Eliasson. The rug is made in wool and linen bouclé in two heights, with playful linen fringe surrounding the rug in shifting hues. Feather won a Wallpaper Design Award in 2020. Like the boas and fringe of the 1970s, the playful design featuring tousled linen fringe gives this rug a sense of wavy playfulness without sacrificing elegance. The concept for the base pattern and design originally came from observing the feathers on penguins’ tummies, with layers of tone-on-tone colors creating a sense of vibrancy in different colorways for exclusive environments, conscientious interior design, and unique homes with attitude. Collective Impressions is introducing Feather in two new colors in addition to the four current colors.

PRODUCT TYPE: hand tufted bouclé rug in pure wool and linen. MATERIAL: 60% wool and 40% linen. DESIGN: Ellinor Eliasson


DORIS & STRING Doris and String are based on the same yarn, technique and colors. The popular classic Doris has an updated color, and String is an old pattern from Kasthall’s archive that has been rejuvenated. They are woven in the same 100% wool chenille fabric and are based on the same palette. The chenille yarn has been developed in new colors to capture modernity in exciting patterns. The new collection introduces five new colors, for a new total of six colors from which to choose.

DORIS Doris is a woven rug in pure wool that has been combined with two of Kasthall’s unique yarns – a fluffy chenille yarn that creates the patterns on the rug, and the classic wool yarn that is used in many of their woven rugs. Doris is designed by Kasthall Design Studio and Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg. The geometric pattern of rows of dots is reminiscent of a beach strewn with stones and the surface of the rug has an appealing, tactile and beautiful texture.

PRODUCT TYPE: Woven chenille rug in pure wool. MATERIAL: 100% wool. DESIGN: Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg


STRING String, which won an Excellent Swedish Design Award in 1988, has crosswise corduroy stripes that flirt with the popular 70s trend. String’s artistic minimalism is emphasized through playful proportions and materials. By experimenting with new yarn colors in combination with the existing colors, Kasthall has endeavored to create new looks for the spaces where this rug thrives best: home environments, such as the bedroom or living room.

PRODUCT TYPE: Woven chenille rug in pure wool. MATERIAL: 100% wool. DESIGN: Kasthall Design Studo

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The venerable design brand Kasthall was established in 1889 in Kinna, west of Sweden. Kasthall has become one of the leading rug and textile flooring companies in the world and are represented in 30 countries with showrooms in Stockholm, Milan and New York. Despite Kasthall’s global market presence, all production is carried out at the factory in Kinna where the Kasthall Design Studio also is located. That, together with design collaborations worldwide, gives us the opportunity to create unique rugs for the global interior world. Kasthall offers invaluable craftsmanship with focus on sustainability for both private and public spaces. Kasthall is a purveyor to the Royal Court of Sweden.

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