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Kasthall presents the third part of the collection Collective Impressions – Square and Tiles.
Kasthall presents the third part of the collection Collective Impressions – Square and Tiles.

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Kasthall’s rugs have been bringing character to rooms and settings for over 130 years. They have been developed along the way by Kasthall Design Studio, which has created iconic rugs that are passed down from one generation to the next. New this year is the Collective Impressions collection, a collection in three parts comprising new interpretations of original Kasthall rugs. First out were the rugs Påfågel, Kate and Naomi, and then came Feather, Doris and String. The third part of the collection is launching now – Square and Tiles.

“We never stop looking forward, but knowing where to go requires an understanding of our origins. That’s why we’re considering our history and reflecting on the future this year. We’ve been inspired to seek out and explore who we are and who we’ve been throughout the ages. We have a responsibility for the future and we’re taking a sustainable and balanced approach to developing new products and creating tomorrow’s classics,” says Lena Jiseborn, Design Director.

SQUARE Square is a hand-tufted rug in pure wool that Kasthall Design Studio has reinterpreted from the 1980s original. The colorway is the same as the original design, in variegated black and coral red. Square’s design can be interpreted in several ways – a truncated pyramid, a tunnel culminating in a red wall, or perhaps a simple colored square on a black square framed by diagonal lines? The black wool covers the entire black surface, framed by bouclé lines in a herringbone pattern. The coral-colored square creates a shimmering impression against the dense, rich background. Square was produced in the eighties by Kasthall Ateljé and is available in one colorway.

Product type: tufted rug in high-quality wool. Design: Berit Woelfer.

TILES Tiles is a hand-tufted rug in exquisite wool from the award-winning architecture and design firm Claesson Koivisto Rune. As the name suggests, the inspiration is from the different shapes and dimensions of tiles. With its soft surface, the multifunctional essence of Tiles creates a pleasant atmosphere with a sound-absorbing effect. In true architectural tradition, Tiles is made to work with the space. With a perfectly balanced grid, the pattern is framed by a thin, tufted outer line. Tiles is Scandinavian simplicity at its best: a discreet yet sophisticated rug that provides graphic precision and subtle elegance in a variety of settings. The collection is designed as a system with three different patterns and seven colorways that can be freely combined in any size and shape.

Product type: tufted rug in high-quality wool. Design: Claesson Koivisto Rune. 





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Kasthall creates rugs for interior designers and design-conscious consumers world-wide. With showrooms in Stockholm, New York and Milan and representation in over 30 countries, Kasthall’s Design Studio, in partnership with selected international designers, creates contemporary classics for beautiful homes and public spaces all over the world. All production takes place in Kinna, west Sweden, and has done so ever since Kasthall was founded in 1889. Kasthall is a purveyor to the Royal Court of Sweden.

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Monika Mellén

Press contact Marketing Manager Global +46 (0)705 29 48 13

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Made in Sweden. Designed for the world since 1889.

The venerable design brand Kasthall was established in 1889 in Kinna, west of Sweden. Kasthall has become one of the leading rug and textile flooring companies in the world and are represented in 30 countries with showrooms in Stockholm, Malmö, Milan and New York. Despite Kasthall’s global market presence, all production is carried out at the factory in Kinna where the Kasthall Design Studio also is located. That, together with design collaborations worldwide, gives us the opportunity to create unique rugs for the global interior world. Kasthall offers invaluable craftsmanship with focus on sustainability for both private and public spaces. Kasthall is a purveyor to the Royal Court of Sweden.

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